Producer/Director Danielle Earle from LA Web Series Award Winning Series "Brooklyn Is In Love," presents her seventh production from PL Entertainment LLC, "Haunted Mind of An Insomniac," starring Ebeneezer Nii Sowah, Leigh Poulos, and Irma Cadiz.  

Danielle has been working in the film industry for 8 years. She is a member of the Writer's Guild of America East, and has been recognized in the media for the critically acclaimed LGBT feature film "Lover's Game,"starring Crawford M. Collins, Miranda McCauley, and Blaine Pennington. The film has been featured in many publications such as Curve Magazine, AfterEllen, SheWired, Women of Upstate New York, and News 12 New Jersey. 

"When writer, producer and director Danielle Earle set out to create the vivid world of Lover’s Game, an enigmatic story of sex, art, love and scandal came to life. Co-written by Earle and Stephanie Lazorchak, this cleverly scripted film, striking in its delivery, will utterly capture you.."- AfterEllen

This Summer, Danielle directed, "In the Attic," a play written by Award Winning Playwright, Liz Amadio of "The Voire Dire Project," and owner of Cosmic Orchid Project that was a part of the Dream Up Festival at Theater for The New City. 

Her latest Award Winning Film, "Lea," Produced by Danielle's company, PL Entertainment LLC, and directed by Award Winning Filmmaker Jay Palmieri just won 3 Awards this fall, including the Award of Recognition for the Best In Shorts Competition,and Best Audience Choice of the Month Award at Direct Monthly Online Festival, and LA Independent Film Festival Awards. The film is currently screening at Los Angeles Cinefemme. 

What's Next? Earle has just signed on as the Executive Producer of the feature film "PLAY," written and directed by Jay Palmieri, and the 


After a murder leaves a peaceful Harlem apartment building in shambles, writer Terrence Cleaver finds himself haunted by his unfinished novel. As his sleeplessness escalates, he finds himself trapped between reality and his deadly craving to kill. Will Terrence ever find love--in his madness-- or will it drive him to kill--in his dreams?"
Danielle Earle  
Christopher Lee 
Writer, Producer, Director Christopher Lee has been working in the Film and TV industry for the past 25 years. He was the Assistant Director for music videos performed by R.E.M, Jon Bon Jovi, and Mariah Carey. 

We are so excited to have him on board. 
Jeffrey J. Scott 

Award Winning Writer, Producer Lisa Tedesco has made a name for herself the release of her short film "August in the City," starring 
Mandahla Rose, Daniela Mastropietro, Stacey Raymond, and Nestor Garland. The film has been screened at Cannes, Film Out San Diego, Soho International Film Festival, DDF Film Festival, New Haven International Film Festival, Olivia Travel Film Festival, Long Beach LGBT Film Festival, North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

She is also the contributing Writer/Reviewer of Curve Magazine, and Screenwriter/Producer/Public Relations at Lady Film Media.

Awards: Award of Excellence at the IndieFest Film Awards, and Best Female Short Film at FilmOut San Diego. 
Lisa Tedesco 
Joey Hrenenko 
Tara Ostine 
hair/makeup artist

​Tara Ostine is a professional Hair and Makeup Artist from Queens, New York. Her credits include "Mad About The Boy," "The Haunted Mind Of The Insomniac," and "86 Series." 
​Joey Hrenenko is currently studying at Bergen Community College in Paramus New Jersey, and has worked in film production for 3 years. He is excited to be a part of "The Haunted Mind Of An Insomniac." 

The Story.. 
Megan Williams 

​Megan Williams has been working in the Entertainment Industry for over 5 years as a professional writer and blogger in New York City. She studied Media & Communication at Queens College, City University of New York. 

Williams is the 2nd Assistant Director, Production Manager and Associate Producer for "The Haunted Mind Of An Insomniac," and "Mad About The Boy," and "Letters to Frankie," produced by PL Entertainment LLC.

We are so thrilled and excited to have Megan a part of this project. 
Jason Brasier 

​Known for producing, directing, and writing award winning web series such as Drifter: Broken Road, Drifter: Lonesome Highway, and the horror mini series Stage Fright, Jason is no stranger to the world of production. 

Jason’s three core areas he loves working in are writing, directing, and producing, but he is no stranger to being a grip, camera operator or directing live video at sports events. Whether it’s a feature film, a commercial, a live broadcast, or a web series, Jason is very capable of accomplishing whatever task he is given.
Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Media Production and also received the Missouri State Screenwriters Certificate in July 2009. In spring 2016, Jason was excited to become a per course faculty member at Missouri State where he now teaches mass media production.

He is also the proud co-owner of American Wasteland Entertainment, LLC. A production company specializing in media entertainment. He also served as vice chair of the International Academy of Web Television for 2 years. 

Currently, Jason has two web series in post production. Barker Hole, a murder mystery set in the backwoods of Missouri, for which he also directed and Strange Happenings, a supernatural procedural he created and served as executive producer.

Jeffrey J. Scott is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.

He's portrayed many roles in Independent and student films which include the lead role as a father, a featured role as a doctor and a homeless person. He has also performed voice-over work as well as acted in a School of Visual Arts student commercial.


Alan Greenstein has various roles in the entertainment industry, including funder and producer.

Supporter-in-Chief at Support Our #creatives. The blog of the same name documents my experiences and those of my colleagues in the entertainment industry; and provides information on various aspects of film, TV, and new media production. Other services include funding/investing, IMDb page management, social media management, pre-production work, and on-set work.

Funder on numerous projects. See his IMDb page for complete list.

Producer at PL Entertainment, CEO is Danielle Earle. Associate producer on “Brooklyn is in Love” and “Lover’s Game”, executive producer on “The Haunted Mind of an Insomniac”.

Co-producer at The Reel Network, CEO is Tiara Williams. Developing content of interest to the African American community, including a blog, video content, educational programs, and casting news.
Social media administrator at Move the World Productions, founded by Johanna Mateo and Toni Tantlinger. Producing video content for external clients as well as in-house content.

Brand ambassador to Akia Garnett, an international branding influencer. Lead show ambassador on #ThinkBIG, her interview show focusing on influencers who are doing very visible things in their communities of business and life.

On the board of London Glossy, a UK publication that focuses on news, sports, lifestyle, business, and society, published by Deborah Thomas. I am Entertainment Editor (at large).
Production assistant working on-set on projects including “Collision Envisage” by Sharrie Mccain, and “B-City Webseries” by Jolie East-Miji.

Twitter and Instagram: @greenstatw
Facebook: Alan Greenstein
IMDb: Alan Greenstein,
Alan Greenstein 
Executive Producer 
Stephanie Greenberg 
hair/makeup artist